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Long time.. 
05:38pm 22/09/2007
  It's been a really long time since anyone posted anything in here...

I don't really live in Lutz anymore, I'm in New Tampa now, but my family is still all there (and probably will be until the end of TIME!!).

Anyone have any news or anything?

I know the craft fair or whatever they call it is coming up soon (I wanted to be in it but I just don't have the money for it right now). I'm excited, they always have cool shit.

Anyways, just kinda wanted to say and see if anyone responded at all.
11:49am 24/11/2005

What happened to this community?

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desparate at this point 
02:32am 22/03/2005
  So I'm quitting my job as aol tech support girl and dropping out of college. Any ideas where to go from here? (ie colleges, jobs anything?) all ideas honored.  
08:41pm 21/03/2005
  Hey. It's rainbow_mystery. I have a new username!!!  
02:45pm 17/03/2005
mood: emo
hey every one this is zack i just wanted to say hi and also to say that i kinda like lutz but it needs tyo be bigger ive lived here 16 years and its still boring as usual neways g2g leave me a post or something peace zack
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12:48pm 13/03/2005
  does anybody know when the next pep rally is? i've heard like, 10 different dates.  
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09:27pm 05/02/2005
mood: optimistic
Hello everyone! My name is Samantha and I'm 15 years old (Oh, the teenage angst!). I joined this community because I am moving here from Atlanta this month and I just found out today that I will be going to Freedom High School. {Will I soon find that to be an oxymoron? XD} So I just did a search on here and found this humble community. I basically wanted to get acquainted with the school and perhaps make some new friends. I don't know anyone here and it sux0r5. Oh, and it would be nice if I got some heads-up information on certain things I should look out for. Anyways, nice to meet everyone and I will hopefully be seeing some of you soon!

PS:- if anyone cares to talk, my screename is "teen girll squad" or "hey its dr phil". I won't be able to get online until Monday because I'm actually in Tampa right now and this computer doesn't have AIM. Le grrr.
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05:56pm 04/02/2005
  Who do you all think will win this years Super Bowl on Sunday? I'm trying to keep this community alive.  
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01:06pm 30/12/2004
  Whats everybody doing for New Years? Here, now you can comment! ♥♥ Rachel  
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11:28am 30/12/2004
  Is this communtiy dead? I hope not.  
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12:21pm 16/10/2004
  So who here besides me Sara and Dani went to homecoming?  
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09:04pm 11/10/2004
  whats up with all this stuff i keep hearing about freedom highs little racial problems?

From what i hear it sounds like almost the same crap that happened at gaither a couple years back...

Anyways since i dont trust the media, anyone wanna tell me what happened?
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07:44pm 25/09/2004
  It's about time. Freedom won their first football game last night! 23-13 against Alonso. Alonso had 7 fumbles, 6 were recovered by Freedom. The newspaper said that the last game that we won was against Leto in late October, 2003. We play Leto again this year. I saw Leto's score against...Armwood...I think...they lost 20-0. We are going to win at least two games this year!  
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07:36pm 24/09/2004
mood: quixotic
the lutz club is up and running. hooray! heh.. except for the fact that it's not even called that anymore.. they made them change it to the "community service" club.. how gay? :/ oh well. I missed the first meeting yesterday b/c I wasn't at school. yeah, just thought I'd share that lil' bit of info with everyone. Later Days!
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Did you know..... 
10:49pm 21/09/2004
mood: weird
Yo. My dad and I were reading the newspaper the other day and it said something about them building a new high school in Lutz. But it doesn't open until 2007. Ha! In yo' face, freshman. That's my graduating year! Since my lil bro's a freshman, I hope he has to go their his senior year and be parted from half his friends since I had to switch from Benito to Liberty and do basically the same thing. mwahahaha.... :p yup, I'm evil.
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01:43am 19/09/2004
mood: calm
Hey there.I'm Brittany.. or Dani, which ever you wunna call me is fine. I'm kinda a Lutz person. I lived here til I was 6, then moved to Tampa Palms, and last year I moved back here to Lutz. So... yeah. I'm a sophomore at Freedom. Um, my screen name is HunyChild88. So IM me anytime! I got bored so I just started lookin up different things on LJ and typed Lutz. Atleast I know a few people in here. :p Heh. I'm suprised more people haven't joined. :/
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Yeah, im new. 
05:51am 04/09/2004
mood: awake

Hey ya'll!!

 well first off, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Heather, I am 15 years old and iv lived in Lutz, in the same house since the day I was born, and very proud to say so! Oddly though I am on the border. Ya see, I live in Carpenters Run subdivision.Which IS in lutz but very close to LoL, if I were to cross the street(SR54) then id be a part of that crap. Which brings me to my next subject... Yes I go to Land O Lakes High School. I am sorry if this conflicts with anything or anyone in this community, but I can not help that. LOLHS is the closest school for me to go to. When people ask "where do you live?" I always say "Lutz!!". Well sorry if it bothers any of you that this isnt under a cut. But OH well.

See ya later.


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03:46pm 03/09/2004

Where did you hear that he might shut the Lutz Club down? If he does shut it down because it's a "white power" thing, I'm gonna have something to say to somebody. What about the African-American Studies club. Isn't that a "black power" club? Is anyone here in the Lutz Club?

I have friends with LiveJournals that go to Freedom but they are all from New Tampa

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03:08pm 02/09/2004
  Dude, USF is totally too far away! And is hard as fuck to get to in the mornings!

This morning i woke up, holding my phone, which was still showing the "set alarm" screen...apparently i never pushed the "save" button...yeah i was like an hour late to wake up, leaving me about half an hour to get to school. I shot out of bed, got dressed (almost wore jeans over my boxers, it wasn't until i was trying to button my pants that i realized i would be more comfy with regular undies) grabbed my homework and shot out the door. Hit an amazingly clear flow of traffic out of town, it wasn't until i actually got on fletcher that there was any traffic. This is insane, considering if i had left about half an hour earlier, i woulda hit bad traffic. I ended up getting there at the same time i always do. AND i got a better parking spot. Eerie.

Anyways, I made a friend in my accounting class, his name is jacob and he's cool as fuck. Except he's sick and was coughing today (he sits next to me, putting me at risk). And, i did amazingly well on the financial statements i had to prepare last night.

07:58pm 31/08/2004

c'mon people i know you have friends on livejournal that go to freedom or gaither, tell them about this community. promote or something.

on a different note... does anybody know if Mr. Oliver really said that he wants to shut down the Lutz Club? I heard he wanted it shut down because it was a "white power" club. which is so gay. i'm NOT racist or anything but what do you call the step team? i haven't seen very many white kids in there. Its not like we aren't letting them sign up for the club, they just aren't. we cant control what they do. so yeah lemme know if you've heard anything about what Mr. Oliver said, or if you just have something to say.

ok i'm done

♥♥♥ Rachel
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